What good is a career without the proper training and professional development that you deserve?  PKF provides both local and national training programs related to an individual’s job responsibilities.  We are committed to providing ongoing professional development and we encourage individuals to attend outside training seminars where applicable.

PKF North America Training Testimonials from Staff:

“PKF national training was very beneficial.  The instructor took the training material, which by itself is quite boring, and made it very interesting by relating everything he taught us to what we’ve done or what we will do in the near future.  Outside of the training itself, it was a great opportunity to meet and network with auditors from other firms which are affiliated with PKFNA.  I’m looking forward to attending the next level of training and being able to reconnect with many of the same people again.”

          -Charles, Audit Senior Associate (Los Angeles attendee)

“PKF national training gave me the opportunity to meet and talk with people from firms similar to PKF Pacific Hawaii in size, operations, and clients.  I was able to gain new insights and a network of people who face similar opportunities and challenges.”

          -Kenny, Audit Manager (Las Vegas attendee)

“My experience at PKF national training was invaluable.  We were able to learn in small groups of about 10 people - all of whom had about the same level of audit experience and responsibilities within their firms.  The size of the group was not only conducive to learning from the trainer but also allowed us to share our audit experiences and learn from each other.  In past trainings I have attended, I felt like the attendees were there to compete with each other, but at PKF training, the group was there to learn and facilitate each other’s learning.  Also, we weren’t there to learn about how to use specific audit software, but more so how to properly approach, plan, and complete the audit while managing the expectations of management and staff.”

          -Paul, Audit Senior Associate (Los Angeles attendee)

“For our first year of PKF national training I think we all didn’t know what to expect at first, but in the end the experience was informative yet fun!  We were able to meet auditors from different parts of the U.S. and gain insight on what works best at many different firms.  As all levels within our firm bring back this type of feedback, I believe it will prove very beneficial to the firm as a whole.”

          -Marci, Audit Associate (Las Vegas attendee)